Neverwinter Nights MMOG Rumors Return

I’ll be honest, I was late to the whole BioWare party.  Very late indeed.  I played the company’s early games, but it wasn’t until Neverwinter Nights that I actually remembered its name.  The RPG took over my life for a awhile, entrancing me with its technical prowess, incredible community tools and support, not to mention dedication, and a pair of beefy expansions.  The title was a doppelganger to MMORPG of the day, allowing numerous players to team up and assault whatever module they chose.

Now, rumors of Neverwinter Nights donning a true MMOG hat have returned.  Currently, Atari is only saying that the company “has an announcement about some kind of D&D videogame.”  A little bit of sleuthing, or just following Lore Hound’s news coverage, will allow you to discover that Cryptic Studios is rumored to be working on a Dungeons & Dragons MMOG.  The very MMOG that was at the crux of a lawsuit filed by Turbine Entertainment against former publisher Atari.

Crytpic previously stated that the announcement will be made this summer, so we needn’t hold our breath for long.

Will Neverwinter Nights heading to the MMOG space perk your ears, or does Cryptic’s recent track record frighten you?

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