Everquest 2 Continues Saga with Destiny of Velious Expansion

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The end of Sentinel’s Fate saw the twin Swords of Destiny drained of their power and vulnerable as ever. Having no means of defense, Norrath and the Everquest universe are in urgent need of a hero’s support. Players who heed the call will need to explore and conquer the mythical Great Wastes of Velious in hopes of restoring order. Dungeons, beasts, and glory await those who are hardened enough to brave these dark times.

Sony Online Entertainment’s Destiny of Velious expansion will be offered in an all-in-one compilation of the EQ2 base game, along with seven expansions and three adventure packs. Here is a quick rundown of the features to be expected:

  • Flying mounts!
  • Hundreds of new weapons and dozens of armor sets
  • 300 new quests, four new Heritage quests
  • Ten instanced dungeons, six raid instances, one massive contested dungeon
  • PvP Battlegrounds set in the harsh tundra of Velious

If you call Everquest 2 your home, prepare yourself as well as you can, because the God of War himself, Rallos Zek, awaits you. Destiny of Velious is scheduled to release on February 11th, 2011.


  1. Flying mounts (Been on wow cple years!)
    Intanced dungeons (Again wow cple years!)
    Battlegrounds (Again wow cple years)
    Travelling circus (Wow been there and done it!)
    I Copuld go on as theres loads of stuf ewowq has nicked

    Why copy wow I used to buy eq2 expansions as they were unique and not copying blizzards stuff, If I wanted to play wow I would play wow not a copy of it!
    Blizzards plaese do something revolutionary so sony can copy it and sad eq players will get turned on!

  2. EQ was around way before WOW ever was. Wow looks like eq1 graphics. EQ2 has had instance dungeons for a long time. Sure battlegrounds is newer but sony takes time to evolve the game so its not rushed. Wow sucks, and wow is for people who have never gamed or been serious about gaming. I like a challenge and a ever changing world not something that takes 2 days to level to the max. Wow is a big turn off. Blizard should go back to making what they are good at making, and stay out of the MMORPG market.

  3. I believe Everquest and its ideas where out LONG before wow was even thought of buddy, so what flying mounts are new. Everquest was doing dungeons when Everquest first came out several years before WoW, think your games are a little backwards.

  4. I hear alot of this crap. Your jumping on someone who has obviously never plated Everquest he is wrong about a number of things.IF anything everquest is copying anyone it isn’t WOW (Wacked Out Wrongs)Liniage came out with the whole flying mount thing years ago. WOW is mainstream groupies they say alot of stupid things because they never played anything else maybe a few Free to Play games…about the same caliber game. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR exept wow you get a free to play game for a monthly fee. WOW will never be a quality game like liniage and EQ they require a gaming computer to play and have 8 times the content.

  5. And the troll wins again! Drawing a comparison between WOW and EQ2 is like comparing a porche to a mini cooper. Both are hoot to drive in their own respect but the mini requires far less maintenance to master. It doesn’t mean the person driving the mini is less of a driver for doing so, it just means that the porche isn’t their speed. They may not even have a hankering to drive it or they may drive it, see that it takes alot longer to master that car and are content to stay with something they know. Having played EQ since beta and UO before that, I know my speed and I play both WOW and EQ2. WOW I play with my son because it is easier to level and the environments are more cartoon like. I am looking forward to Velious. Some of my fondest memories are from that EQ era. I don’t really care about flying mounts or instanced dungeons. I just want to relive the moments if possible. Oh and WOW graphics being EQ-like? Not by a long shot, I still go back to EQ on occasion and their character models are way blockier(is that a word?) and the environements still have that 1998 feel.

  6. wow is what i call hill billy mmorpg. you dont need brains to play it. theres nothing deep or complex about the game. wow is for newcomers to mmorpg. ive been to asherons call, daoc, heck even lotro and coh, conan, eq2, and let me tell ya, these games are deep. ive tried wow and was able to level four horde toons- dk, lock, rogue, priest to 80 in two months. and the raids in wow are all zzzzzz. wows dead as soon as you lvl hit 20.

    im into eq2 and just the character development is very complex, deep, engrossing. theres like tons of builds you can create without one being op over other builds…its just balanced.

  7. Glad this is coming out. Us dudes in our late 30’s love playing EQ2. My kids love it as well. Once you start them on EQ2 they don’t like WOW. EQ2 is much more “refined” as a game. And yes, so are the people that play it. And that is just fine with me.

  8. I’d just like to say that even though EQ2 is just now getting around to doing “some” of the things that wow has been doing, I have to respect the EQ2 team for doing so without watering down the game just to make it easy for the “kiddies” to play without whinning. For example the green proto drake that took me a year to get because the egg had a very low hatch rate now hatches every 3 days….after cataclysm. I could give you 100’s of examples of how Blizz has watered it down every expansion. Down to nothing since vanilla wow. EQ2 I guarantee will not water thier game down just because it has flying mounts. They have held true to thier standards not kissing the toes of the grade school kid’s to keep thier parents paying in that subscription fee. It’s a game for grown ups! I mean people that work for a living and enjoy a game that is mentally challenging and has not been turned into a cheap video game. Just my thoughts… Oh I faithfully played wow since the beginning but now it is just boring!

  9. I have been playing eq2 since opening month, and from what i hear. This latest exp will be the last straw for me.They have dummied the game down and and taken the fun out of alot that should have never been messed with.It does seem they are following wow and its sad, but i guess if i was with the sony team i would want 13mil suscribers too.When wow came out with a mount you could buy they made 2.5mil dollors in one hour so what does sont do, sold mounts. and so on, if wow has it sony will have it too. EQ2 is still the best mmo out there right now but maybe Rift will be the game that finally takes me away from eq

  10. It’s so funny to see all the haters and comparisons to new MMO’s (and expansions) to WoW when they are announced. Yeah, most are trying to copy WoW (why wouldn’t they want to be as successful as Blizzard?) and for all you idiots screaming about WoW having cartoony bad “graphics”… Really? What are you playing on, an integrated card? Yeah, it does look shitty on low end systems but with the hardware and Ultra settings in 1920×1080 it’s easily the most beautiful best looking MMO out there (not to mention most popular/successful). The fantasy look is just the warcraft theme and how Blizzard wanted it to look, and it looks damn amazing unlike EQ’s out-dated grainy textures and block like models.

  11. Where do you think wow got their ideas from? the eq line had been out since 99′, thats 12 years. eq has had instanced dungeons for ever now, not copying wow there. flying mounts why not, how many different types of mounts are there. theyve got to keep it fresh and add new content. bg is kinda lame and killed open pvp imo. Travelling circus?? not sure what you mean by that. ive tried to play wow over and over again and just cant get into it. its just terrible imo, like a crappy single player rpg. eq2 has soooo much content that you cant even experience it all, even if you were to lock xp every tier. just too much. anyone that has played it from the start can vouch for that.

  12. out dated? grainy? that explains wow exactly. turn eq2 all the way up including the little extras and it looks amazing. most systems still cant handle the graphics on full. if it looks bad to you then its time to update your system because it will only look as good as your system allows you to see.if you can raid on extreme quality and still top the parse then you will see. wow cant even begin to scratch the service of detail that is shown in eq2. from armor sets to the environment. they are not comparable, seriously guys even if you are a wow supporter you can not compare the two. enjoy wow for what it is a entry level mmo and when your rdy for depth and graphics graduate to eq2.

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