New, but Old, Warcraft Stuff in Legion

We’ve here is a quick post recapping my thoughts on Legion thus far. It seems to be the thing to do. What I will do to make it more interesting than others is I’ll be pointing out a few little gems that you may have not noticed. Gems, people. Shiny, shiny gems!

Currently, I’m leveling through Azuna. The first thing I noticed was the heavy influx of Naga that surround the area, which to me look very familiar to that of pre-War of the Ancients Highborne architecture. You see the one thing that Legion has versus any of the other expansions is that it is a land mass filled with Azerothian history that answers a lot of gaps left either unmentioned or landmarks that are mentioned but never seen, such as Suramar. What’s great about the Broken Isles is that it gives you a glimpse into what Azeroth may have looked like as one giant landmass. The landmass before the Sundering.WoWScrnShot_090516_164852WoWScrnShot_090516_164848

Now a few little things I’ve noticed here in Azuna, right off the back really, is the models for some of the Naga mobs that you see flooding into the zone. You encounter them via the quest arc with Khadgar. Kudos to Blizzard for the job well done technologically. I did not get a single lag spike as I phased in. Now, below you can see the images of the Naga invasion force. Among the standard units, which I’m going to go by Warcraft III, the Sirens and Myrmidon are by the brutish Sea Giants, which were not part of the race’s armada, but were usable at one point in the campaign. Finally, the Naga Snap Dragon has made its way into WoW. Strange that we have not seen them until now but they have indeed sprouted up and they are a very welcomed sight to old Warcraft fans.WoWScrnShot_090516_164836 WoWScrnShot_090516_164834 WoWScrnShot_090516_164832

We’re now entering the realm of speculation since I’m only just leveling through the zone. Looking at them a bit closer I am seeing that they’re more bulky than what I thought they would look like. It could be that these are either a forced evolution of the same beasts that the Naga used to use, but they have all the same sort of features as I remember. Also you can see that there are a few Dragon Turtles among the ranks.

Dragon Turtles were also used by the Naga in Warcraft III, and it seems that the only units that are missing are the flyers called Couatl. I did even happen to see a few Murlocs shown bellow, using the same color variant as the ones that were used in the Warcraft III campaign as well. I always love seeing things like this and it makes me happy that Blizzard is appealing to the old school fan. They’re taking their time and looking back to what they missed in the old campaigns. I’ve even heard that they’ve been using the old ship models, except obviously enhanced, from Warcraft II, but I haven’t confirmed this with photographic evidence.


I’ll have more later with my recap of Azuna, which I promise won’t be brotastic.

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