PAX West: Gigantic Focusing on User Experience Under New Publisher


News came out late last year that Gigantic, a new take on the MOBA experience, had hit some roadblocks. Actually, it was the roadblock, money. The development house behind the title, Motiga, was struggling to stay afloat. Rumors persisted over the holidays until news dropped in early 2016 that was entirely good. F2P publisher Perfect World Entertainment would be taking over duties and returning developers to work. The deal left some, let’s say conflicts, given the previously announced exclusivity agreement for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

That wasn’t the only query we tossed at James Phinney during our latest interview with the designer. We went to the human element, the layoffs and anxiety staffers must have felt during those hard times before returning to the MOBA they are attempting to launch in the near future. That begged a final direction of questions, since returning to work what exactly has the team been working on and when the heck will they be done?!