New Races, Tribes, and More for FFXIV

Keeper of the Moon

Square Enix, the company producing Final Fantasy XIV (that’s fourteen for you non-romans), the imminent new Final Fantasy MMO, has released a new video and some new information about the playable races.

Unlike Final Fantasy XI, where the five races were all very similar, there will be two different “tribes” for each race that will further characterize them. Since this game takes place in a new world, Eozea, the races are slightly different from FFXI and have new names. A translation of the race descriptions via the Zam Wiki is available below:

Elezen (Elvaan in FFXI):

The ancestral race of Eorzea, the Elezen have clashed with the Hyur in the past to defend their homeland.

  • Foresters: For hundreds of years, this Elezen tribe have inhabited the deep green forests. They are proud of their hawk-like eyesight, and excel in archery. Nowadays, those who have adapted to city life or those who live a nomadic life in the plains often return to the woodlands.
  • Shaders: For hundreds of years, the Shaders have inhabited dark caves. Developing bat-like ears, they can sense the enemy’s movement by the rustling of clothes. Because of this, many Shaders excel in hand-to-hand combat. Turning to thievery in order to sustain their cave-dwelling life, they are despised by the forester as turncoats.

Hyur (Hume in FFXI):

A race that migrated from different continents, the Hyur brought with them great technology and innovation that raised the civilization of Eorzea to new heights.

  • Midlanders: Among the populous Hyur, the majority is comprised of this great clan. They reside in various regions, and are enriched with a diverse livelihood. From a young age, Midlanders become accustomed to books. Because of this, they seem to have a deep, intellectual society.
  • Highlanders: The highlanders dominate the remote, northern highlands. They are the strong, muscular, tribe of the Hyur. After their city-state of Ala Mihgo fell to the Garlean Empire, with the exception of Male Mercenaries, it has become rare to see them in other cities.

Lalafell (Taru Taru in FFXI):

A race of farmers who live mainly near the Southern Sea, the Lalafell boast an exceptional degree of intelligence as well as agility.

  • Plainsfolk: The Plainsfolk gather and built villages from the materials of the plains, and have come to be called “The people of the Plains”. Their earthly green, flaxen hair resembles vegetation. With their large ears, they can hear even the faintest footstep of a mole.
  • Dunesfolk: Large, domesticated livestock are made to carry the homes that the Dunesfolk migrate and live in. They live with the movement of the soil, and are called the “People of the Dunes” among the Lalafell. One of their unique features is that their eyes are enveloped by a protective clear film, which makes their eyes resemble a Crystal Ball. On their forehead, a jewel which represents their star of fate is affixed.

Miqo’te (Mithra in FFXI):

A race of cat-like people, the Miqo’te are known as fierce hunters.

  • Seekers of the Sun: One tribe of the Mi’qote call themselves “The People of the Sun”. The followers of the Sun God Azema are numerous, and they are very active in the daytime. They have cold, piercing,, colorful, cat-like eyes.
  • Keepers of the Moon: The other tribe of the Mi’qote call themselves “The Wards of the Moon”. They are the many followers of the Moon God Menefina, and many follow a nocturnal lifestyle. Many of the Moon Keepers apply vivid war paint onto their face.

Roegadyn (Galka in FFXI):

A muscular race of fishermen, the Roegadyn live near the Northern Sea.

  • Seawolf: Known as “Seawolves”, this Roegadyn tribe is feared as marauding pirates from the northern seas. Nowadays, the number of Seawolves who fare the high seas are becoming numerous.
  • Lohengarde: Residing in the vicinity of volcanic craters, the Lohengarde are a tribe of Roegadyn who are faithful in the “Gates of Hell”. They are called the “Gatekeepers of the Flame” . Not only are their bodies hard and tempered, their “fire-walking” asceticism allows them to nurture the qualities of magickal ingenuity.

This adds up to ten distinct races.

In addition, a new Youtube channel is available that currently contains a preview of FFXI. Check it out in all of its Japanese goodness:

There isn’t much to be missed in the dialogue if you don’t speak Japanese (except for maybe “AH! CHOCOBO!” and the revelation that the little, dancing Lalafell is a 30 year old guy), but the game looks stunning. The characters have as much polish as any other Final Fantasy game and the emotes are well-animated and smooth.

I’ve got to say, I’m looking forward to playing a Miqo’te!