PAX East 2010: First Look At Monday Night Combat

When I was getting the lay of the land of the Hynes Convention Center I was caught off guard by Monday Night Combat.  I was minding my own business, following up on appointments and seeing what the con had to offer, when I was struck by this colorful class-based shooter and its sizable booth.  To be entirely honest, I had never heard of the title, so I strolled up to an official looking person to find out some details.

The XBLA title obviously took some cues from Team Fortress 2.  Not a bad thing considering it is one of the most successful class-based shooters out there.  That being said, Uber Entertainment is going its own way with Monday Night Combat, including moving things to third person.  As the name may suggest, its world is a mockery of the ad-based football show that is Monday Night Football.  Perhaps that is why each character contains at least one well-animated melee move.  The demo showcased the Crossfire multiplayer mode, one of a handful of modes, that forces two teams of six to assault each other’s home base.

You can see some of my success in the full interview below:

Monday Night Combat is heading to XBLA sometime in 2010.  It’ll cost some amount of Microsoft Points…The closest I could get to a concrete number was that “it will be priced similar to offerings of this magnitude on the platform.”  That leads me to believe Monday Night Combat will set you back either 1200 ($15) or 1600 ($20) Microsoft Points.

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  1. While I was watching this footage, I noticed that Crossfire mode is actually very similar to the gameplay mechanics of DotA. I can see that being a big draw for a lot of people.

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