New Rift Zone: Comes With Trailer & Screenshots

A fresh batch of Rift: Planes of Telara updates have arrived, with a brand spanking new trailer that shows off a zone, along with a ton of screenshots and concept art.  This new zone is titled the Gloamwood.  This dark and dreary forest awaits all heroes that attempt to conquer its growing evils, with hordes of undead fiends and creatures no man should ever have to face.  Shadows hang over the forest, and constantly looming in the air is a thin film of fog that blocks most light from even touching the forest’s edge.  The ground itself is wet and black, and if you look closely enough, you can find the tracks of the creatures that reside there.  There are multiple zones to the Gloamwood, the first of which is called Silkweb Pass.

Spiders of all sort lurk upon this perilous path, hiding among the black trees.  Travelers must always mind their feet when treading this path.  The trees themselves are held together by large cob webs that would ensnare anyone who so much as touches them.  The spiders here will tend to wait for the right moment before they strike in numbers, and it’s always in numbers.  This ensures that anyone who isn’t careful will not make it out with their life.  The unlucky few who are captured by these beasts might even have the displeasure of meeting with the spider queen.  One sting from her is like having a sword stricken straight through your chest.  She is the one insect that you never want to come in contact with.

Gloamwood Pines is a small village that resides within the forest.  It is no friendly place to the weary traveler.  It houses some of the most dangerous murderers and criminals that the land has seen.  The towns folk that live here do not  take kindly to strangers and do not except the help of heroes.  The people here are too busy sulking in their own misery rather then doing something to change it.  This is also the home of what appears to be a witch.  Most people know nothing of this women, other then it is believed that she can talk with the spirits of the forest.

Lately the whole forest has been overrun by a growing goblin threat.  These creatures have created a base near some unfinished stones.  Anyone that attempts to wander near will be forced off the land by savage goblins.  What most people don’t know is that these large stones just act as a mere gate to the goblins’ larger home.  The goblins have actually constructed an entire city in the sewage system under Shadowfallen Keep.  Only the brave and the bold should travel into this dark hell.   If the heroes of this world can venture far enough into the depths of this maze, they may also stumble across the reason for the goblins’ rage.

The Mathosian Mill was once used to produce valuable resources that would be shipped to nearby markets and shops.  Now in its large fields roam the walking dead.  They took over the mill not too long ago, killing every farmer who worked there.  No one dares venture near the mill anymore, especially since the only sounds that radiate from the area are the sounds of bones grinding together.

Hopefully this has gotten some of you a little curious as to what this new Rift: Planes of Telara zone, Gloamwood,  has in store for the players, but to finish things off, here is a ton of new screenshots and concept art to quench your Rift thirst.

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