Nexon Announces New Content for Vindictus

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Next December 1, Nexon America will release an update for its MMO Vindictus. Episode 4 will be a free content update, bringing several additions attached in the form of two new dungeons and an increased level cap.

Episode 4 brings Praerie Entrance and the Ruins of Sanctity, two dungeons full of gnolls, spiders and toads, all commanded by new boss monsters to defeat. You can see several screenshots of the two new dungeons above, as well of some new bosses. But that’s not all, cause a new level cap will let players get their characters to reach level 44, and all players will enjoy new cool skills like Berserk, Create Golem and Fine Magic Arrow. Gear is getting some love too and several new armors and weapons are to see the light, once the update comes.

Have a look at this video, for a glimpse of the upcoming Episode 4.

Impressive. This game looks cool and I’m sure that, when the EU version finally arrives, Nexon will see the ranks of Vindictus grow exponentially.

For the full notes of the next update, visit the Vindictus website.