NYCC 2014: What is Earthman Jack vs. the Ghost Planet (Interview)

Earthman-Jack-Book-CoverBeing a dedicated Lore Hound reader you’re likely well aware of my penchant for reading. I consume the written word, reading a variety of topics from business or world news to science fiction and video game op eds. Given the increasing popularity of video games it was only a matter of time before they received their own original novel like Star Wars or Star Trek. This is why we created The Novel Post, a column dedicated to video game novels, shorts and comics.

Titles like Ready Player One have interceded into a fine niche between video game universes and novels through pop culture, Easter eggs and even game design. After speaking with Matt Kadish it appears his Earthman Jack is taking it to the next level. Planned as a seven-part young adult epic tale, Earthman Jack is introduced through Earthman Jack vs the Ghost Planet. A tome of a tale itself Kadish laces pop culture more subtly than the aforementioned Ready Player One focusing on the space tale instead.

Our full interview after the cut will introduce you to Kadish, give some of his gamer credibility, including World of Warcraft and WildStar, and entice you towards that single purchase in a fledgling Harry Potter-sized series.

We’ll have a full review of the book up once I can put it down. By the way, for a limited time you can snag the e-reader version of first book for free!