Obama’s Proposes Gun Violence Research

Getty ImagesAnd the video game community freaks the heck out. Headlines from high to low have vilified Obama for supposedly singling out violent video games. But how much of it is hyperbole headline grabs as opposed to useful information? Honestly, who cares?

Kyle Orland over at Ars Technica wrote a terrific piece covering the Presidential and Vice Presidential press conferences held yesterday. The most important part of the 3,000+ words spoken for the gaming community came down to just 16 words. A casual mention that Congress should fund additional research on violent video games. One of 23 proposals.

Orland continues that the $10 million that Obama asked for isn’t solely for video games, or even media itself. The not so large sum of money is to be spent investigating all of “the causes and prevention of gun violence.”

For those for or against gun control, the focus should be on Obama’s plan to enable the CDC to resume its research to “advocate or promote gun control.”

The conversation Ars Technica started is a damn good one. Where do you stand on the issue?