One Week Until Age of Conan! Who's Getting It?

We’ll we’re down to the final week before Age of Conan is released, so I wanted to see who was planning on getting it, who’s waiting for the reviews, and who’s going to pass. Playing through the beta I enjoyed the game, but didn’t really get far enough into the game to get a good sense of the PvP and battle system, so I’m going to hold out for reviews before I get it. Tabula Rasa was the last MMORPG I picked up blindly and we all know how that turned out.

On a side note, I saw today at that it’s going to take about 250 hrs to reach the max level in AoC. Considering this MMORPG goes to lev 80 that sounds about right. I know in LOTR it didn’t take anywhere near 250, more like 150, at lease for me.


  1. I’m getting it !
    The game looks awesome, solid gameplay, good graphics, huge lore inspiration (lots and lots of books : stories and places will make tons of content patches and expansions), huge PvP battles (FINALLY after the crappy arenas of WoW), and high end PvE raids.

    This game has everything I want right now in terms of MMOG!

  2. Do plan on getting it, but probably not until some reviews or data is confirmed on how well it will run on an older system such as mine. But If I had an updated pc I would get it on the first day. I am looking to move foward from WoW (my first and still current mmo I play) to AoC which has my interest very high.

  3. Not getting it because my system can’t handle it well enough and I’m unwilling to upgrade before Warhammer Online arrives in the fall. Now THAT’S a game worth upgrading for!

  4. I have it on pre-order. After much debate about whether to pre-order or wait for reviews I’ve been persuaded that I need a rhino mount and all the goodies that come with the Limited Edition. Let’s hope it turns out to be money well spent.

    I too picked up Tabula Rasa the morning of it’s release, and was likewise disappointed. I’d pre-ordered Pirates of the Burning Sea and was even more disappointed with that game.

    You’d think I’d learn my lesson. Oh well, if this fails me I’ve still got WAR to look forward to.

  5. I am in pre-order. Played the open beta with wonderful results, and was sold on the great gameplay..
    This is not Tabula Rasa, not Vanguard…way better, more fun, runs better…
    I was impressed in what they have done here, and am excitedly awaiting Saturday!

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