Sony Aiming at MMORPG Market for PS3

In an interview posted by The Seattle Times, John Smedley President of Sony Online Entertainment, gave his thoughts on MMORPGs and where they fall in for PS3.

Q: Does the realignment of your group, from Sony Pictures to Sony Computer Entertainment, mean that you’re going to try boosting PlayStation 3’s online network with your MMO [massively multiplayer online] games.

A: I think MMOs are going to be a real strong selling point for the PS3 long term — there’s going to be some great ones on the PS3. You’re not going to find “The Agency” on the [Xbox] 360.

Q: Have MMOs reached the mainstream yet?

A: I would say they’re getting more mainstream. If I were characterizing it, I would say think of the video-gaming industry five years ago. That’s kind of where I think we’re at. … Five years ago, do you think “Grand Theft Auto IV” would have done $500 million [in opening-week sales]? To me, video games are just reaching the real mass-market now. That is going to translate to the MMO side of the business.

Q: Do you think everything will be an MMO in the future?

A: I don’t. I think it’s just like in the single-player or low multiplayer; it’s just about the individual games. We think there’s a huge, hungry audience waiting for that to come to the MMO world. It doesn’t mean everything’s going to be an MMO. I’m sure there’s always going to be single-player games.

Good news if your a MMORPG fan and have a PS3. But personally, I think I’ll stick with my PC.


  1. Ps3 is getting:The Agency = mmofps (sort of)
    DC universe = mmopg like city of heroes.
    And Free realms A world of warcraft like game but less violence

  2. Oh and ps3 Also has angel Love online which is alredy realesed in japanese. You can download for free off the PSN store.

    All games are Free to play.
    I think you will have to buy The agency though

  3. Will there ever be a mmo game like silkroad or talisman or even .hack//G.U. (the world in other words) on the ps3


    Sony will good money if they release the games cause I have seen people played these games and don’t forget international plays these games XD

  5. Hell Yeah we want EQ for PS3 I reactivated 3 of my 4 accounts recently just so I could MMO. EQOA on HD tv very blurry. It’s time to hook up the HD EQ!

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