Other Worlds: Don't Mess with Dragons

When you explore the land, you have to defeat many mobs, sometimes for experience points and sometimes just to reach a place. Usually, you will do it alone, if the game is not too difficult, but sometimes you come across some really tough enemies and you think twice. Seeing this nice screenshot, sent by Danakar and taken in Guild Wars, I’m sure he decided to think twice before facing such a bunch of dragons, or is this the last thing Danakar saw, before appearing in the nearest resurrecting point? He writes:

” I was exploring the frontier between Majesty’s Rest and Sage Lands when encountered this group of dragons, standing in a small island in theĀ  middle of a lake. There were wraiths keeping the entrance, not a problem, but when I approached the bridge and saw the boss dragon, surrounded by many more… I thought it was time to keep exploring.”

So you didn’t die… that’s good. Thanks a lot for the awesome pic, Danakar.

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