DCUO Brings the Essence of Fear with The Scarecrow

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More and more characters are coming to DC Universe Online, as you surely noticed in the past weeks. This time, SOE presents The Scarecrow, one of many Batman’s enemies, making my last post about DCUO make sense.

Villains are so important and now we can see The Scarecrow, joining the evil ranks of the upcoming MMO, in this new batch of screenshots. The pics look great, and the appeal of this dressed-in-sackcloth villain is so cool, while we can see him using the fear gas, firing weapons, wielding a huge machete and even brawling like a Smack-Down star.

The identity behind The Scarecrow is Jonathan Crane, a mad former Gotham University professor who was dismissed, cause he used his students as subjects in dangerous fear-based experiments. Such a creepy guy he was, he decided to take revenge and created a fear gas, disguised himself like a terrific version of  Straw Man and adopted the name of The Scarecrow, devoting himself to spread fear all over Gotham. The bad news for him is that certain superhero  known as Batman crossed the path of Jonathan Crane and, ironically, The Scarecrow now suffer of chiropteraphobia, fear of bats.

Another addition to DC Universe Online, as we come closer to next Q1 2011 launch date.

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