Other Worlds: Pirate Menace?

Some games, like Age of Conan, let you explore seas, lakes and every water mass in the game. Some let you dive, even, so you can search for a wreckage, lost treasures, pearls and underwater civilizations. The screenshot sent by Daniel shows, from first person view, that sometimes the surprise is on the surface, not below. He writes:

“And so on the way to Khitai, the captain stopped and told Deohgan that there was a city that once had drowned under the sea (the pics from the diving are to blurry to be any good) The city down in the deep held a treassure so, being a good cimmerian, Deohgan dived down. When coming up for a breathe, he came up to this view: the ship to the right, being the one he travelled with and the one in the distance… Who knows, Pirates?”

I am sure they were not The Others and you were not in The Island. Besides that, everything is possible.

Thank you for the good screenshot, Daniel. I hope you send more.

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