PAX East 2011: Guild Wars 2 Introduces Thief Profession and New Playable Demo

Just in time for the shenanigans at PAX East this weekend, NCsoft has released a whole hodge podge of information, plus some dandy screenshots and even a video on the thief class in Guild Wars 2. Check it out:

Now, I’ve always been a fan of melee classes. Assassin, rogue, thief — whatever you want to call them, they’re my idea of fun. The GW2 thief is about what one expects when thinking of these classes: masters of surprise, stealthy on their toes, good with daggers. But what else?

This weekend, these new thieves actually are on target to be one of the playable professions in NCsoft’s PAX demo, so we’re hoping to bring you some insider insight on just how well they play, and maybe add in some details on what sets these guys apart from the other classes we’ve already played in previous MMOs.

Speaking of the playable demo, here’s what else iTZKooPA and Heartbourne will have their hands full with this weekend at the GW2 booth:

  • Debut of the guardian as another playable profession
  • New Profession features, from an expanded selection of pets for rangers to new weapon capabilities for necromancers and warriors
  • Norn opening experience, including your own character biography, the introductory cinematic and starter areas
  • Access to Gendarran Fields, a mid-level area
  • New UI, with reportedly new functionality, new chat features and “hints of things to come.”

Check out the official site for all the juicy details on the thief class, and check back here soon for more on what iTZKooPA and Heartbourne have to say about the new demo.