PAX East 2011: SW:TOR Unveils New Game Trailer

Nothing like starting off a weekend with a new game trailer premier. BioWare kicked off Pax East 2011 with a showing of Fate of the Galaxy, their newest game trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Keep watch here for more as the PAX East weekend continues. Also on schedule for SW:TOR this weekend includes the World Gameplay Premiere for Flashpoint: Taral V, The PAX East gameplay premier of Tython, the Jedi Homeworld including all 8 classes, Presentations and Live Q&A and a community Meet and Greet. And that’s just for one game!

We’ll be bringing you the best as soon as we can.

The Official Website’s description of Fate of the Galaxy, the new SW:TOR trailer

Tension between the Republic and the Empire is running high. The uneasy truce established by the Treaty of Coruscant is quickly tearing apart at the seams, and a return to all-out war has begun in all but official terms. A new generation of heroes, both light and dark, emerges to face the difficulties of these chaotic times, and fight for the fate of the galaxy in this most desperate age.

From PAX East 2011: Watch the new game trailer, Fate of the Galaxy, and get caught up in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

Here you have the video (under a cut since it autoplays). And we’ll have more to come soon:

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