PAX East 2020 Recap

Every PAX is a bit different than the last, and this year was no exception. Between the early date of the show, and several major companies pulling out at the last minute, i wasn’t sure what to expect. Since many of the cancelations were happening in the last days leading up to the show, I wondered if there would be empty spots in the main exhibition hall. The organizers managed to move people around to fill the space, and might have pulled off some last minute invitations to make sure the exhibition hall was as exciting as possible.

Antilles and I spent as much of the 4 days as we could checking out the latest offerings, and we came away with a handful of favorites that we will be checking out in greater detail over the coming weeks.

I think the highlight of this year’s convention was sitting down with Dan Paladin, one of the founders of The Behemoth. We had a chance to talk with him about Alien Hominid: Invasion and his take on the gaming Industry in 2020. That interview will be up soon.

We stopped by Private Division / V1 Interactive to check out Disintegration, which is a first person shooter, blended with squad based tactics. In this game, you hover over the battlefield on a gravcycle while issuing commands to your squad on the ground.

We’ll also be going in depth about a few other titles in the coming weeks, among them are two very different games with a similar theme. Misbits, which is a multiplayer action driven battle sandbox where you play as a head which hops on different bodies to gain unique abilities as you punch, kick and smash your way to victory; and Skul: the Hero Slayer, a challenging rogue-lite side scroller where you can swap your head out to unlock different skills as you cut down what ever obstacles are in your path. Additionally we got to check out Fuser which is the latest rhythm based game from music game veterans Harmonix, which puts you in the shoes of a DJ as you blend elements of songs together to make new music.

We also are going to check out some of the coolest gear from the show, including WhirlwindFX’s Element Keyboard and Vortx Environmental Simulator, and talk about the elgato stream deck, just to name a few.