PAX East: What to Expect from the World of Tanks Comic

WoT RollOut Panel

On Saturday night, we were treated to a special unveiling of’s latest community catnip. The company unveiled a new partnership with Dark Horse to bring the universe a World of Tanks comic. Dark Horse doesn’t take its licensed intellectual properties lightly, as you’ll probably well aware. But a comic about a historical adaptation of tank warfare? What’s the hook when your source material spans decades and your community abhors creative liberties?

Dark Horse and are going to the origins of World of Tanks, the battles of World War II will be the muse for World of Tanks: Roll Out!. The partnership is planning on dumping a five-comic arc of German vs. Britain metallic mayhem. Naturally, the treasure trove of World War II heroism can maintain a cadence for years to come across the diverse battlefields of the theater of war. It’ll all depend on how well the first series does when it hits shelves, digital and physical, in the fall.

There’s nothing to ensure an on-going series outside healthy numbers. If they’re not healthy, well, Wargaming may give it another go, but eventually the company would have to bail on the project. Not something we want to see. Either way,we’re expecting it’ll be better managed than the numerous false starts we’ve seen around the Warcraft universe’s run with a competing comic house.