PAX Prime 2010: Caption This! The First

Want some free SWAG?  Good, here’s your chance to earn it.  Calm down, this contest isn’t as complicated or challenging as our E3 contest.  The reward for winning will still be enticing.  It just won’t arrive in a large box as part of a menagerie of items.

The task is simple.  That picture, that one up there ^^, is without a caption.  Your duty, should you chose to accept it, is to leave a comment with the best caption you can come up with (be sure to use a real e-mail address!).  It can be inventive, witty, eyebrow-raising or unusual.  Whatever gets the Lore Hounds to react will be deemed the winner.

The reward is digital, so everyone can enter.  As far as I know, there are no region restrictions.

Your mission starts now.  You have three days (September 10) before time runs out.


  1. Marketing guy: “So Bobby, what we do is, we delete all the mount vendors and player mounts and claim that the Cataclysm killed them all. Those idiot players will just LOVE that! It’s… what do they call it? RM? No, RP! And what we do is, we sell them ‘Cataclysm’ resistant mounts in the Activision store. We’ll make MILLIONS!”

    Bobby Kotick: “Hmmm. I like it!”

  2. Patrick thinking…
    ‘My evil plan to rid Lorehound of all the other writers so I can re-name the site Patrick’s Lore, starts here… Last in, first out, so bye bye Mordil (evil snigger)’

  3. Alright here is my try!
    1. Left Guy – Yo dawg! I told you get up out the Kool-aid!
    Attempt #2 Left guy – Run man! It’s Barbra Streisand!

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