Zalazane’s Fall and Operation: Gnomeregan Are A Go! [Updated]

Taken from the live servers (US) just minutes ago

Patch 3.3.5+ is upon us!  “Proof?” you say?  We’ve two bits of anecdotal evidence for you: the servers going down for maintenance and the screenshot to the right.  Good enough?

Yes, the Pre-Cataclysm events coming. As I type this, I’m highly anticipating the engagement known as the Fight for Gnomeregan!

For those that have had their head in the sand, the Pre-Cataclysm events include Zalazane’s Fall, and Operation: Gnomeregan. These were included in the 3.3.5 Patch files and could be activated by an “on switch”. These retaking of gnomish and troll lands will lead up to the release of Patch 4.0 — events that promise to change Azeroth forever.

For those too lazy to use their own powers of deduction, this means that Cataclysm should only be 6-8 weeks away. Perhaps Blizzard will make their Pre-BlizzCon release as intended. Things can still change, but I highly doubt it.  Blizzard rarely does things shotgun, and the roadmap following Zalazane and Operation: Gnomeregan was already made public.

Remember: ZG, as a raid, is gone in Cataclysm, and Loremaster will still be in, just changed to accommodate the Cataclysm changes.  This means that you better get a move on for those coveted achievements and mounts before Cataclysm’s release!

If you need a reminder of what the quest chains are like, hit the “Continue Reading” Button for our videos; courtesy of Amatera and Juggynaut.


Fixed the patch version.  It seems that Blizzard didn’t update the version with the release of these events.

Operation: Gnomeregan (Part 1)

Operation: Gnomeregan (Part 2)

And for our Horde players:

Zalazane’s Fall


  1. After posting this, I was able to go into the Battle.

    For those who enjoy music, I highly suggest you turn your WoW Sound On, and Up. The Operation: Gnomeregan is a up-beat, fun song to listen to.

  2. idd. Can’t w8 till Eu get 3.9, and for all those people who doubted my comment saying that cataclysm WILL come out on Nov 1st, check ur local gaming website. Blizz has confirmed it will be November 1st that it will come out :)

  3. Errr….

    This is still patch 3.3.5. Patch 3.9 will almost certainly be the one where they redefine the stats, and most likely introduce the smaller spec trees. Since they are still playing around with both of those, I wouldn’t expect 3.9 to drop for quite a while.

  4. This is “3.9”. It’s not an actual patch, but it still is a bookmark in the files.

    The class overhaul is included in the Patch 4.0 Files, similar to how they did the changes from BC to LK.

    Basically, 4.0 has the class talent changes, removal of stats, and the old world changes. In a nut shell: everything other than the raids / zones / new races that will come with the new expansion.

  5. Just finished it 5 minutes ago. The gnome costume is definitely staying. It was also amusing how much one of my guildies got into the event, being a gnome and all.

  6. It did feel a lot like King Wrynn storming the Undercity. However when I did Operation Gnomeregan, we had about 75 people or so doing it. It felt a lot bigger than King Wrynn, which made it a whole lot more fun.

    I know I was hitting mobs for about 20,000 in my little gnome suit as a DK tank (on Gnoeregan), and adds were going down almost as fast as they were hitting us. The few mini boss fights were over in about 5 or 6 seconds flat. But it was exciting!

    Can’t wait for Cataclysm…. and even more so… the actual pre-cat events. I wonder when the big ugly dragon is gonna poke her head out and start destroying stuff?! Should be fun to watch and experience!

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