PAX Prime 2013 Exclusive: First Look at Splash Damage’s MMOFPS Extraction (Video)

Growing up with the creation of the FPS genre and watching its transition to consoles means I’ve played plenty of first-person shooter games. Every setting, every time frame, the good, the bad, the “eh, it was $20,” I’ve been around the block. Naturally, this means I’ve sunk quite a few hours in the products from Splash Damage since the company’s founding at the turn of the millennium.

Largely quiet since the mixed reception of Brink, Splash Damage and Nexon announced 48 hours ahead of PAX Prime 2013 that the companies had partnered up to create and publish Extraction, an objective-based first-person shooter. We caught up with Splash Damage Creative Director Alastair Cornish and Nexon’s Chris Gyselinck during the show to get the skinny

The game remains in pre-alpha, but gameplay is quite polished this early. Due to the distance from release, many specifics remain secretive yet gameplay, game modes, customization and even the business model – free to play naturally – are touched upon. It’s all after the cut.