PAX Prime 2014: Pokemon TCG Online Plays Gloriously on iPad (Video)

Charizard was worth hundreds of dollars back in the day!

Pokemon has consumed far too much of my discretionary income. Ever since the launch of Red and Blue back in 1998 I’ve owned (and beaten) nearly every core game. I’ve fought my way through….photo hunts…and recaptured my pokemon in a box for long-term storage. Movies, blankets, plushies, I’ve had my hand in it all for a least a few dollars. Then there’s the physical Pokemon Trading Card Game, my first TCG addiction since the early days of Magic The Gathering.

That consumed a comparable amount of money to the available games at the time. Yet, far, far less time. Now we’ve Pokemon TCG Online for PC and Mac and an upcoming iPad version. History may very well repeat itself. To ensure history will repeat itself I checked out the upcoming iPad version to gauge whether it was up to my standards. The horrible realization is that, wallet be damned, it’s a faster, more intuitive rendition of the PC and Mac client.

In the below interview you can see me partake in your typical Pokemon TCG actions, playing a basic Pokemon, using a Trainer card, and, after a few moments, deducing how you read a card’s text. J.C. Smith, the Consumer Marketing Group for Pokemon, is along for the ride detailing the transition, the company’s expectation for the new platform, crossover possibilities and more. A surprising nugget for me was to learn that each physical booster unlocks a digital booster by way of an included code.

Another excuse for my wallet to hide.

Pokemon TCG Online is to be added to the F2P Friday lineup complete with some giveaways. Be sure to hit that Follow button on our Twitch channel to ensure you receive the maximum opportunities.

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