PAX Prime 2015 Kickoff

screenshotPAX Prime 2015 has officially kicked off and it is bigger than ever. Seriously, they added room across the street in two directions! We have a huge line up for you guys and we’re hard at work bringing you the best, worst and most interesting in the gaming world. There is much too see and plenty you shouldn’t miss:

  • Hob: a new game announced by Runic Games, the makers of Torchlight, places you in a mysterious, dialogue-free world. Hob is a title inspired by the Runic pedigree, great games with great combat with a healthy hand of originality. Hob brings a mysterious world with puzzles that subtlety hint at its history.
  • Super Dungeon Bros: A co-op game akin to a Castle Crashers and, well, stuff. Gameplay is built around dungeons. Dynamically-generated dungeons. Dungeons built around a theme and design focused on teamwork. Screw individual prowess. Alright, fine, there are leaderboards for the competitive and braziers similar to Halo skulls to enhance difficulty for those thrill seekers.
  • Orcs Must Die: Unchained: Good lord, this game has changed since it was last featured in #MOBAMonday. Robot Entertainment has continued to push out the old-now-new heroes while patching, tweaking and adding, eh hem, hordes of new content. Days ago the dev unleashed the latest patch that unleashed PvE for the first time. Yeah, basically Orcs Must Die! 3 for reals.
  • Gigantic: Yeah, so, finally after ages of waiting and being held behind an NDA we can release everything we know. None of that matters because iTZKooPA beat the crap out of Chris from MMOReporter in today’s engagement. Heals for the win. Nice work!

More to come. Like a ridiculous amount of more content.