PAX Prime 2015 : Super Dungeon Bros new Co-Op Dungeon Crawler – #BrosB4Foes

Super-Dungeon-Bros-First-BattleGreetings Bros! If you are kicking back drinking a few broskies with your bros looking to have a brodacious time look no further. Super Dungeon Bros is a co-op dungeon crawler that’s meant to let you and up to three of your friends hang out and slash your way through mindless scores of minions.

The weapon system is open, you are not constrained by only being able to play one type of character. You will collect shards as you progress and can spend those on different weapons & gear.

You and your brollowship can complete daily and weekly challenges, which are like dungeons, to get on the leader boards. The maps for challenges are dynamically generated and everyone who is playing that day or week will be playing the same thing.

You only get one shot to complete the daily challenge but you can attempt the weekly challenges as much as you want.

Be sure to brush up on your brocabulary before you go brotal!

Check out our interview with Kevin Leathers from Wired Productions at #PaxPrime2015 to learn more.

And remember! #BrosB4Foes