PAX South 2016: Lore Trivia Contest – Mass Effect Edition

lore_trivia_banner_pax-southIn addition to our normal convention coverage we’re once again running a convention-specific contest. In our best Lore Hound fashion, it’s entirely geared towards picking that mushy pink stuff you keep in that odd container on top of your torso. That’s right, it’s all about lore. Lore that resides in the deep recesses of your brain. If you’re lucky enough to be attending the annual trade show in San Antonio then you may get picked to be on camera, so keep a look out for the crew. Fear not, you can play remotely too!

To join in remotely, it’s as simple as answering the questions right in the comments of the trivia video (after the jump). Any commentator with correct answers will be entered to win, the winner randomly selected after PAX South is packed up and shipped back home to the ends of the Earth. Go brush up on everything Dishonored, Mass Effect, Overwatch, Undertale and SMITE – our dedicated Deities, Demigods and Gods Explained column may help. Don’t worry, not all questions will require hours of studying! But the prizes will be worth it.