PAX South: Can Vainglory Begin the MOBA Explosion on iOS?

lh_pax_south_vainglory_moba_ipad_interviewI’ve a small confession to make. When attending these type of events its largely required that you pick and choose your battles. Which games and genres to showcases, how to go about the interview (or editing) if you spoke with a wall and how to frame a line of questions that engages the audience but doesn’t bore the interviewer (me) and the interviewee to tears. Vainglory, a MOBA for iOS devices was of the former most group. “A MOBA on an iPad?” I thought to myself as I recalled my disdain for placing my hands over my action. “This should be good.” I thought sarcastically. But, the platform of choice did truly intrigue me. After all, if Super Evil Mega Corp pulled it off the designers will have found an entirely new mark.

Boy did that team ever pull it off! My initially cynicism and dare I claim reserved judgement was blown away by how well Vainglory played. Even further blown away by the fact that the title remains in the background noise when it’s clearly a standout in iOS design – namely controls for an action title – yet has been out since October.

You can get the full skinny on the rising MOBA after the cut. Seriously, you’d best go download Vainglory now to ensure you enter on the ground floor. Who knows, by this time next year it may be the next SMITE, complete with a $2.6 million purse!