PAX South: Playing with POOP – The Game (Interview)

"Put a bird on it!"
“Put a bird on it!”

Seriously, it’s a game. We promise. If you don’t truly believe us you should totally watch the interview to (help us) confirm our sanity. We ran into the creator of POOP, Blaise Sewell – no, not God – as we passed by the AdMagic booth. Specializing in indie card and board games, the AdMagic booth was full of colorful presentations and equally colorful characters. This one definitely caught our eye thanks to the fancy packaging consisting of a brown paper bag begging to be lit aflame.

Our interview with Blaise is a quick one, but introduces you to the mechanics, strategy and overall poop puniness of the Kickstarter funded POOP – The Game. Join us as we learn the basics of flushing a toilet, the insanity of on-play real-life demands and exactly how POOP – The Game has its own included set of drinking rules. Yeah, drinking while playing with poop.

Don’t worry there are plenty of poop puns after the cut.