PAX South: Rebel Galaxy in SPAAACE (Interview)

lh_rebel_galaxy_travis_baldree_pax_southIt’s not that often that we here at Lore Hound cover a video game that isn’t connected to that world wide web thing that won’t go away. It’s really not in our DNA. But Rebel Galaxy is breaking that rule. Receiving an exception, if you will, due to the people behind it (and my penchant for anything sci-fi). That’s because the two-person crew has a pedigree in our wheelhouse, the realm of online games. You see Rebel Galaxy is under development at Double Damage, the house of Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer. The former created Fate, Mythos and Torchlight, while the latter co-founded Blizzard North and Flagship Studios.

The pair left Runic Games to development something new. Something that felt fresh to them. Something that didn’t have them running a large company while simultaneously trying to be creative. That’s Rebel Galaxy, a mix of Firefly’s hard sci-fi grit and large spaceships doing strategic battles in multi-ship engagements akin to Battlestar Galactic.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Travis Baldree in the team’s modest booth at PAX South. Come learn what’s got you fighting, how the story will draw you, the captain into a still-developing narrative and the world will keep you interested through GTA-style sandboxy gaming. Listen carefully to enter the team’s old-school seat-of-their-pants development style.


  1. Always been a sucker for these myself. Elite, Privateer, Wing Commander, X series.
    Looks like the Mrs may be losing me for a little while again shortly!

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  4. While there were many games in space-themed settings at PAX South 2015, Rebel Galaxy s star shone a little brighter in my galaxy.

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