Perks for Guilds with Shadowmourne

Tabard of the LightbringerThey say loot is in the hands of the Shadowmourne-holder, or something along those lines. While Blizzard plans to implement guild-wide achievements in Cataclysm, guild members of Shadowmourne have not gotten any specific perks for assisting in that grand questline. This has recently changed.

While hardly anyone has Shadowmourne currently, the top guilds are slowly picking them up. The longest part of the questline involves collecting Shadowfrost Shards, which players cannot even do until they kill Sindragosa. Once they do, they have to be very lucky to even see them drop. The droprate is rather low off of normal mode ICC bosses, but the Lich King and heroic mode bosses have a higher droprate. Players need to collect 50 of them in order to continue in the questline, which amounts to many weeks of ICC farming, even on heroic. The item is very good, and there is now a guild-wide perk.

If a player with Shadowmourne equipped is in the raid during a Lich King kill, he drops a special quest item. It seems to be lootable to only 1 person per kill. Once players take it back to Darion Mograine, they can receive momentos from Arthas’ friends in life. Returning them to their owners gives special rewards. It seems like you receive all of the items and rewards if you got the box, but its not clear. You can get:

  • Jaina’s Locket: Once you return this to Jaina Proudmoore, you get to keep the locket and use it to create a portal to Dalaran for your group (on a 1-hour cooldown)
  • Muradin’s Favor: Once you return “Muradin’s Lament” to Muradin Bronzebeard, you can a reusable item that turns you into a Frostborn Dwarf for 10 minutes.
  • Sylvanas’ Music Box: Upon returning “Sylvanas’┬áVengeance” to the Banshee Queen, players receive an item that lets them summon Sylvanas’ Lamenters, who sing the Lament of the Highbourne.
  • Tabard of the Lightbringer: After returning “The Lightbringer’s Redemption” to Tirion Fordring, players receive a special tabard that makes them glow with the light on use.
  • Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger: Players return “Mograine’s Reunion” to Darion to receive this mount, which is a special skin of the Death Knight Deathcharger.

I’m super excited to be able to run around with these goodies. Its unclear if both factions will be able to turn in all of the items, as each faction has two turn-ins specifically related to leaders of their faction. In any case, being a glowing Rogue on a Deathcharger with singing banshees in my wake is very appealing.