Hi-Rez Adds (More) Backstory To Global Agenda

I’ve been barking for more information, more universe, more soul in Global Agenda since the game went live in February.  During the company’s initial marketing push there was a concentrated effort to give the game a direction.  Advertising chided the conventions of the greater MMOG market, mainly fantasy games and elves.  During this time, those already interested in the title were treated to short stories detailing the formation of the current struggles.  Unfortunately, since launch the background stories (ie things to do during maintenance or lunch break) ceased to be produced.  Until now.
Hi-Rez Studios launched a new section of the official website dedicated completely to the fictional world.  Players and interested parties can read about pre- and post-Commonwealth Earth piecewise, or follow the handy interactive timeline.  The timeline incorporates previous material, like The Utopian, while managing to flesh out many small details.  Unlike other games, the timeline is very easy to follow, with the “end” being the launch of the MMOG itself.

The subsection is certainly a nice addition for the lore junkies out there.  For those of us who devour stories and want to understand the world we play in, it’s an exciting addition.  If only for the sake that it acts as a central repository.  Sadly, much of it will be missed by the larger community.

As handy as PDF’s are to download and read later, I really wish we could read the short stories in a friendlier format, like the HTML versions we had earlier.

Now to see some of the lore recanted in the game.  In an interesting, non-fantasy fashion of course.  Holographic manuals, R2D2 style?

Give Global Agenda a try, or purchase it outright.  Don’t forget, you don’t have to subscribe to play.

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  1. back story is important although in all honesty i don’t think to many people really follow that sort of thing most gamers look t words the content.. sadly enough….they pushed the sandstorm update back to early may

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