Playstation Home gets a MMO Makeover this Fall

Playstation Home is getting a remake this fall as Sony is planning on changing the game lobby into a MMO type theme park with quests and mini-games included. The new home center will become the Hub, from which players can move into other districts based on game themes.

Currently there are a handful of districts, Action, Adventure, Sportswalk and Pier Park. For example the action district would be geared towards games like Call of Duty, Killzone and Resistance, and will look like a level you would encounter in one of those games.  The other two are basically the same, however Pier Park would act more as boardwalk where users can play carnival or arcade games, go on rides and is rated E for everyone.

Each district will have it’s own mini-games, quests and persistent story-lines for PS Home users to participate in. Users will also receive rewards for completing quests or certain tasks, such as cosmetic upgrades to their Home avatars or unlocking game content such as screenshots or videos.

I don’t know about you, but I thought PS Home was a horrible idea when it was first announced and this makeover doesn’t make me feel any different about it. It sort of reminds me of what everyone was saying the internet would become in the late 90’s. That instead of websites you visit, there would be a virtual world of stores and building where users would walk to the website as a storefront.

Steam is an outstanding example of what a social hub should be. Simple and to the point. I don’t have to play horrible mini-games or complete pointless quests to unlock content or walk to a different district to get access to certain games. I have my friends list at my finger tips and can chat with them at any time, even in-game. The list goes on, but this is about PS Home, not how awesome Steam is :)

I think Sony is heading in the opposite direction it should be. PS Home is considered a failure by most and instead of realizing that most people don’t like chatting in a virtual environment collecting pointless items, they’re doubling down and making Home even bigger.

Source: Kotaku


  1. … “realizing that most people don’t like chatting in a virtual environment collecting pointless items” …

    But when you get down to brass tacks, isn’t that the very definition of what we do in MMOs?

  2. It’s a part of it, but MMOs main driving force is not just chatting with friends and collecting cosmetic items. Items are needed to complete challenging quests and raids as well to be competitive in PvP. The main point of MMO games, depending on what type of game it is, is to complete certain objectives and in order to do that you need to level up and acquire better items and gear.

    PS Home is meant as a communication hub to hangout with friends, basically a chat room. But since it’s not been very successful up to this point, Sony is trying to get more users to use PS Home by adding mini-games and quests.

  3. Sony is a destroyer of games. It killed Nintendo Final Fantasy series after #7.
    It creates mmos only to haev servers die and shut down its games. It comes out with new version of games, only to shut down the old one, despite faithfull players. Customer service is down the drain, and its products are just *sigh*…
    Now, they want you to grind mini games to unlock contact to get to things? Whats next? “Kill 6,000 wolves with a friend to unlock ‘speak with a representative for your refund’ option”.

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