The Secret World Large Scale PvP Warzone Details

Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic aren’t the only upcoming MMOs coming out with massive PvP zones. Enter The Secret World PvP warzone.

Today in an interview¬†with creative directorRagnar Tornquist, we learned some new details as to how TSW’s large-scale PvP warzone will work. Below I’ve outline all the juice bits of information from the interview.

The Secret World PvP Warzone Details

  • The three factions, Dragon, Illuminati and Templars will battle it out in the warzones. ¬†It will be possible for one of the factions to get completely dominated and that faction “gets kicked off the table temporarily
  • Warzones are not meant for low level characters. You’ll need to get about 40-60 hrs in before you’ll become useful in Warzones.
  • Warzones are not instanced and will be persistent.
  • There is currently only one announced Warzone, an unnamed city in China, however there will be more in the final product.
  • Players that participate in the PvP Warzone will gain ranks within their secret society.

The rest of the interview focused on PvE and the story-line aspect of The Secret World. If you’re interested check out the full interview at Ten Ton Hammer.