PTR Patch 4.0.1 — Druid UI Demo

After a short break from my PTR videos, I’m now back in full force with a short look at the new Balance Druid UI. Hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned as I’ll soon finish up my PTR Patch 4.0.1 package with looks at both the Paladin Holy Power UI and new Warlock Soul Stone resource system.

Thanks for everyone’s support during this learning process!


  1. Pretty much perfect, only thing I would change would be to hike up the excitement a bit. Come out of the door like HELLO LOREHOUNDS.

  2. Vids are really coming along Mordril! I’m with Bags on this one in that it seems like you need to put a bit more excitement into the presentation but otherwise, I like the simplistic ‘I’m no expert in this’ approach. It’s very player friendly and kind of a ‘hey i’m learning too’ type of thing instead of the theory crafter approach of ‘you’ll suck if you don’t do this’ approach.

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