PAX Prime ’10: Star Wars: The Old Republic Our First Hands-On Time + Interview

iTZKooPA stands-up with Blaine Christine to chat about the super-hyped up Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Topics include the way BioWare has gone about releasing information, the art style, dialogue wheels and their impact on group play, the depth and breath of classes and oh, so much more.  Check it out!


  1. awsome interview dude. seriously i like that you make mistakes in your vids and interviews. makes yall seem “real”. unlike most other sites where they make sure everything is perfect. yall are doin amazing. keep it up!

  2. You’d be surprised at the amount of mistakes we *do* edit out. ;)

    But yeah, we’re pretty straight up, and I think we have to be as a small organization without a corporate budget. What we lack in funds we can make up for in truthiness.

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