QuakeCon 2015: Case Mod Winner

Its always interesting to see the designs that come out year after year. I remember several years back a guy had a working refrigerator stocked full of beer with the computer in the freezer. How the hell they let him bring it into the con is beyond me.

The tally is in! We got the crew together to vote on our picks for this years case mod competition. It was almost a unanimous decision. But, without further ado here is our list.

The winner is Mirrors Edge!

Case #15:
Sterile. Orange. And Mirror’s Edge inspired. All pluses in my book. It’s also beautiful in it’s own right with looks in the front and business in the back.



The runner ups!

Case #14:
A tiny spider(man?) mod. I enjoy how they got a lot of theming into such a compact build. The colors also do it some justice.

Case #17:
The creator of the mod calls it, “Peace, Love and Rockets”. And apt name for a, Quake inspired, completely 3D-printed mod with a peace, heart and rocket symbol. Bonus for theme and creativity.



Case #18:
But if you thought the last one was creative (and you have a bit of interest in Ghost Busters) this next Mod is… well exactly what it looks like: A authentic Proton Pack, complete with moving parts, lights, sound effects and many of the widgets on the actual thing. Complete with a ghost in the background. Spooky.



Thanks to all the modders who came to Quakecon 2015. You guys make this event worth coming to!