QuakeCon: Who Needs a BYOC Ticket? (Trivia)

How awesome is that logo?

Our crew is in the midst of setting up shop inside the dark hall that houses the QuakeCon BYOC. We could gloat that we’re there. We could elaborate on how awesome QuakeCon is. How everyone, at least once, should experience the event. A convention that was spawned by the rise of first-person shooters held by id Software, the company that created them in the first place. Instead, we decided that you should be a part of it! Yeah, we’re not kidding. If you’ve the means to get yourself to Dallas, Texas quickly, you could be sitting down to the convention with a ticket that’s been sold out for months. How? Glad you asked.

We’ve two QuakeCon BYOC tickets. They’ll be given away to two respondents to a simple trivia questionnaire. Get them all right and you’ll have a chance to snag one of two tickets, competing against other perfectionists. Get at least 25% of the questions correct and you’ll be entered into a random drawing for all respondents. Submissions must be received by tomorrow, Thursday, 12:00 PM (aka noon) CST. Submit your response to itzkoopa_at_lorehound_dot_com (that’s an email address, morphed to avoid bots and spam), or DM me on Reddit. Replies in the comments will be ignored.

Trivia questionnaire:

  1. What does id in id Software stand for?
  2. The id Software game RAGE is linked to which other id universe?
  3. How were id’s early games distributed?
  4. What was the game id “infringed” upon when testing a technological breakthrough by John Carmack?
  5. What does /idclip do?
  6. Who is Michael Klump (No, not the character from The Office)?
  7. What’s the best-selling id Software developed game?
  8. What did Commander Keen use to get around to high places?
  9. What TCP/IP port was created for DOOM multiplayer?
  10. What Grammy and Oscar winning artist made music for Quake early in the award-winning career?

Don’t forget, the winner has to cover all expenses, including, but not limited to, flight, hotel and BAWLS. All you’re entering for is a BYOC ticket.