Race Catwoman and Fight for Love in DCUO's First Game Update

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Only a month old, DC Universe: Online is staying fresh with its first game update. You’ll need to sharpen your claws if you want to stay on top of your game this time; Catwoman is on the prowl, and catnip won’t work this time (we tried). With this episode, players will race across the rooftops of Gotham City as Catwoman robs Gotham Museum in search of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Rife with cats, cutscenes, and five boss fights, this new update is already knocking our shoes off — and we haven’t even played it yet!

Aside from the aforementioned feline festivities, players will show their sensitive sides with romance-themed Seasonal Content, “Love is a Battlefield”. There’s too much warm and fuzzy goodness for me to fit into a few sentences, so let me use the words of Sony Online Entertainment’s PR:

Collect Hearts: Earn hearts through PvP, shoot love arrows at citizens, participate in multiplayer races, and dominate the platformer bounce houses to earn hearts. Players can use them to purchase chocolates, gifts, rings, etc. for other players

PvP Battles: Fight to dunk the other team into the fountain

Battle The Goddess of Love: Battle for the definition of love in this 4-player boss fight against the aspects of the Goddess of Love, Devotion and Scorn

New Appearance Items: Earn a harlequin clown suit with hearts and a Cherub disguise

Be Mine: Replay boss battles and try to get them to “be mine”

In addition, DC Universe: Online is continuing to support multiple play styles with new two-player “Duo” battles, an 8-player Batcave Raid, an exciting Gotham PvP zone, and much more. If you’d like in on the fun, check out the details at DCUO’s official site.