RaiderZ Shutting Down in Korea

The same day Lore Hound published an exclusive interview with senior producer Mark Hill regarding the state of RaiderZ Perfect World Entertainment took to its blog to ensure players of the title’s stability. If the recent closure of European servers by GameForge didn’t shake the foundation then Neowiz certainly did. Only hours after the reinforcement from Hill and the official blog, the Korean publishers Neowiz announced that RaiderZ will be taken offline in Korea, the home of developer MAIET Entertainment, in September.

The Korean servers of RaiderZ will remain active until September 24. Neowiz announced that it will reimburse cash purchases through October.

In the interview Hill divulged that there is little that PWE can do to ease the transition of European players to North American servers. The same likely holds true for Korean players. The upside? Korean players – should they be capable of dealing with the ping – will likely move to west coast servers, giving additional balance to the population here.

Developer MAIET Entertainment must see the writing on the wall. If it hopes to keep RaiderZ active, it needs to begin producing solid content to compete with the likes of TERA, or face a potential global shuttering of its latest F2P title. GunZ 2, the sequel to GunZ, is the only other game currently under development at the Korean developer.