Photo Gallery: Gaming and Geekdom in Japan

I was fortunate over the holidays to have the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime to a country that’s very dear to my heart: Japan. While I lived in Osaka for about a year in college, at the time I was a lowly, poor student and could not afford to travel much within the country. This time around, my husband and I spent a little more than two weeks over Christmas and New Years parading around the country and seeking out some of the geekiest spots we could find.

So, while it’s not the usual kind of post that I would share here on Lore Hound, now that I’ve had some time to sort through the photos we took, it seemed like the right time for a photo post. Whether you would classify yourself as otaku or not, I hope you enjoy looking through my chronicles of retro-gaming stores, figurines and cell phone straps galore, a Shonen Jump store, arcades and crane-games, Gatcha-pon toy dispensers, Akihabara (that’s Tokyo’s geek-central electronic district), fun toys, hello kitty insanity and a Gundam-themed exposition in Osaka + 1:1 scale Gundam model in Shizuoka. Oh, and boob pudding.

Pretty much the only thing I didn’t see much of was WoW-related stuff. Come on in for a selection of everything else, and a koopa on top.


  1. *gasp* You went to Nintendo too? Oh.. different one :P

    I just gotta say, awesome trip; and the photography skills employed here are 100x better than mine.

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