Earthrise Box Art Features Dual-Pistol Babe

If you’re the type who lines up his expansion boxes to look like those game displays in Best Buy, then you might be interested in adding a rather provocative one to your collection.

Masthead Studios unveiled today the official box art for Earthrise featuring a dual-pistol babe wearing a skin-tight battle suit. Whether you’re offended or enticed by this buxom beauty in a box, it’s obvious that the main assets on display are hard to miss.


I personally think Masthead could have done more to convey the post-apocalyptic premise of the game. Metallic armor and suggestive blood spatter are nice touches to cover the sci-fi and combat focus of Earthrise, but maybe a couple more battle-worn supporting men or the inclusion of the official website’s background could have rounded out the cover well.

Although I know a lot of men would disagree with me on this, and are busy pushing back those boxes with silly fire-breathing dragons and superheroes to make way for this femme fatale. Earthrise launches next month, with sale distribution methods still to be announced. Stay tuned for that info.