Ravenwood Roundup: Choosing Your Major Part I

Ravenwood Roundup HeaderOne of the most fun parts of creating a character on Wizard101 is choosing which school of magic your toon will use as they adventure throughout The Spiral. The Wizard101 website has a quiz for players to take to guide them toward which school would suit their playing style and/or reflect their real life personality. Rest assured, you can pick whatever school you want to play no matter what the quiz results are!

Each school has pros and cons, and no one school is right for everyone (although those dastardly Death School students from Ravenwood Radio disagree with me.) One of the chief things to remember when weighing the pros and cons is that the school you pick will significantly affect the base amount of health (aka “hit points”) your toon will have before equipment boosts.

Six of the schools are split into two groups, Spiritual and Elemental. The seventh school, Balance, stands alone. This column skims the surface on the Spiritual schools and Balance. The next Ravenwood Roundup will include the Elemental Schools (Fire, Ice and Storm).

Choose or LoseSpiritual Schools: Death, Life and Myth

The three spiritual schools have a couple of things in common. They all have relatively high Accuracy Rates (meaning the likelihood of a spell fizzling when you cast it is lower than the average for the game.) All Spiritual spells have bonus damage, called “boost” in Wizard101, on Balance enemies in PvE (player vs. environment) gameplay (there is no boosting in Player vs. Player.)

In a recent update, Kings Isle added spells that, when cast, are guaranteed to make the next spiritual spell fizzle. Many players say this is a long-overdue addition. Equivalent spells to make elemental school spells fizzle have been available since the release of Wizard101. The addition of these spells makes PvP more balanced, and gives spiritual school students the same advantage against enemies from the same school in PvE as well.

Mistress of DeathDeath School

Death school students are called Necromancers. Death spells have 85% accuracy and boost on Life enemies as well as Balance. The most unique thing about Death school is “Steal Health” group of spells. A Steal Health spell not only does damage to the enemy, it also returns (or, some would say regurgitates) half of the damage done back to the spellcaster. So, if you want to be healed with hit points that have been stolen from a bad guy and filtered through a zombie-type character and breathed back onto you, you might want to be a Necromancer! And don’t think only shady characters are Necromancers…The Friendly Necromancer is probably the most famous wizard in The Spiral!

Life School

Life school students are called Theurgists. Life spells boost on Death enemies as well as Balance. Life school students are unique in three ways. First, Life school spells have 90% accuracy, the highest accuracy of all schools! Second, there is a Life school spell (the Guidance charm) that boosts spell accuracy by 10%. This means that with a little planning, Life wizards might almost never fizzle. The reason I say “almost” is because there are spells to reduce accuracy that could cancel out the Guidance charm.  Last but not least, they have the most healing spells of any school at Ravenwood. Contrary to what some people say, Life wizards can deal out loads of damage. Huge power boosts are available with Life school specific equipment. With a little strategy and time spent shopping at The Bazaar, your Life school character could pwn The Spiral!

Myth School

Myth school students are called Conjurers. Myth spells boost on Storm enemies as well as Balance. Myth school students are unique because they are given the ability to call up minions earlier than students of any other school. Each minion has different abilities and strengths, and it’s worth putting time into studying how each minion can best support your play style. Conjurers learn one of the most spectacular spells in The Spiral: Earthquake. The animation on this spell is truly riveting, and deals damage to your enemies before destroying their carefully-laid plans for your demise. Conjurers also have a much-envied spell called Pierce, which removes one shield from an enemy. Students of the Myth school are very enthustiastic about their alma mater, and it might be the school for you!

Balance Wizard in Marleybone

Balance School

Balance school students are caller Sorcerers. Balance spells have 85% base accuracy and do not boost on any other school. One of the most popular spells of the Balance schools summons the Mander Minion. The Mander Minion is widely believed to be the most useful minion available in the entire game. The most envied Balance school spell is Judgement. This spell is unique because it is the only spell that multiplies the amount of power (as represented by “pips” in Wizard101) by a fixed amount and delivers the total amount of damage generated to a single enemy in one round. In other words, BAM!

Unlike other schools, Balance students do not have access to a prism spell. Prisms allow wizards to cast spells from their school against an enemy of that same school without triggering the enemy’s natural resistance to their own school. Prisms further empower wizards against enemies of the same school in that, once the spell passes through the prism, it boosts against the enemy of the same school!*

In the same update that included spells that cause spiritual school spells to fizzle, a spell was added that makes the next Balance school spell fizzle. The addition of this spell is a matter of hot debate throughout students of The Spiral. Many Sorcerers feel that the lack of a Balance school prism was somewhat evened out by the absence of a spell to force Balance spell fizzling. However, in the PvP arena, many feel it is only fair if students from all seven schools face the possiblity of a forced fizzle.

*Keep in mind that boosting applies only to PvE battles – there is no boosting in PvP – and that, to date, enemy spells don’t boost on players and enemies don’t have access to prism spells or school-specific forced-fizzle spells. They do, however, have accuracy-reducing spells such as Black Mantle and Smoke Screen.

Ravenwood Roundup updates every Friday.

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