Zentia Launches its First PvE Server

Changyou.com announced the first PvE server for its MMO Zentia, is now available to better accommodate the growing community of this “charmingly hardcore” game. That’s a nice movement from the publisher, as not everyone likes to play the same way and, certainly, there’s a huge different from PvE to PvP servers.

“We received a lot of feedback from our growing community requesting a PvE server, so now we are very excited to present to you the first Zentia PvE server. To celebrate the occasion, we are providing players with over $50,000 worth of prizes!”

The new server is named Spoon and will feature everything you can expect as a player, except Player Killing, the famous PK. From now, everyone can create a new character in this new PvE server, choosing among the 24 different immortal characters, with eight class systems the game offers. If you’re not the one for an open PvP server, this is your chance to scape!

In celebration of the new server and these special dates (X-mas) if you play Zentia you can be randomly selected to win 200 tokens. With these tokens, you can purchase a lot of different things in the Zentia Token Shop, but that’s not all, as the game’s team will be giving out $500 Amazon.com gift cards to four lucky players. The new PvE server for Zentia, comes with gifts.

Go to the official website for more information and good luck!