Ravenwood Roundup: Finding the 'FREE' in Free-to-Play

Ravenwood Roundup HeaderBefore you download the Wizard101 client to your computer, you may wonder how much free content is readily available. Another important feature to MMO players relying on free content is, “How high can I level?” The first few columns in “Ravenwood Roundup” will address these questions, and updates will be provided as new free content is released.

The Commons: The Commons is a hub for several non-combat areas of Wizard101 including Golem Court, the Library, the Pet Pavilion, Ravenwood and the Fairgrounds. In October, all Ravenwood students encounter Jack Hallow, who offers various quests with a Halloween theme. Not all quests can be completed in the F2P (free-to-play) area, but some can.

Golem Court: This is where all Ravenwood students find themselves after selecting their school and customizing their character. This is where new players will receive a tutorial from none other than Headmaster Merle Ambrose, learning the essentials of spellcasting including pips, healing, and mana. In Golem Tower, players will encounter a challenging quest that will likely try their patience and help them build strategy!

The Library: Harold Argleston will be happy to sell treasure cards to Ravenwood students and is a stop for many of the quests in the free content.

Pet Pavilion: Once Ravenwood students reach Level Seven, Merle Ambrose summons them to his office for a quest line that rewards players with a free pet. Players are able to level their pets through a wide choice of mini games, including the Pet Derby. The Pet Derby has a practice mode for free players. Players can use gold to buy snacks and feed them to their pets after mini games. Snacks can help pets level up faster, which makes them more valuable in the battle ring. Some bad guys drop pet snacks at the end of battles. Some bosses in the F2P areas randomly drop pets, including Rattlebones (Myth Sprite).

Ravenwood: In Ravenwood, students visit the professors for each school. This is where players train in new spells for primary schools as well as spend training points for spells in other schools. It’s also a great place to collect mana. Students can enter their dorm rooms from Ravenwood (in addition to using the “Home” button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen).

The Fairgrounds: Players can choose from numerous mini-games to win gold (the in-game currency) as well as treasure cards and equipment, refill potion bottles, and generally have fun whiling the hours away. Speaking of mini-games, there are two free ways to play mini-games without logging into Wizard101. Check out the free iPod application, as well as KI Free Games (KI stands for Kings Isle, the developer of Wizard101.) By playing on these sites, Ravenwood students could receive prize codes to redeem to their account (by logging in at Wizard101 via the “redeem code” button at the end of each game.) Prize codes range from in-game gold to short-term mount use.

Housing: Every player gets a dorm room to decorate from floor to ceiling with up to 50 items. The dorm rooms come with few free standard items including a bed, a desk, and a nightstand. Players can win more items to decorate their dorm rooms via completing quests or random drops.  Players can also purchase housing items with gold at the Housing Vendor or at the Bazaar. Players who have reached Level 15 can buy houses from Wizard City or school-themed houses from the Crowns Shop. The school-themed houses cost considerably more gold, but fear not, a later column will discuss how F2P players can raise gold. All players can have three houses in addition to their dorm room.

Backpack/Storage Space: Each toon (game character) for every account (F2P or member) has one backpack that holds up to 80 items and a bank that holds 100 items. Unlike some games, there is no way to purchase additional backpack or bank storage either with in-game currency or via a cash shop. However, with six toons allowed on every account and a shared bank, literally hundreds items can be stored on any account.

Olde Town: Olde Town is home to the Bazaar, the first Crafting Quest, and the portal to explore Grizzleheim. Players have to pass through Olde Town to get to Triton Avenue, which is part of the F2P area.

Shopping District: Players can buy equipment to improve their stats as well as vanity pets for gold in the Shopping District. Not all items for sale in the shops are for gold (some are crowns only, which means even members have to pay “crowns” for them) but there is plenty to enjoy including lots of cute wands in the Wand Shop.

Special Content: Wizard101 recently had a special quest line featuring the popular tween singer and actress Selena Gomez. This quest was offered to all players level six or higher, even F2P. What’s more, for each toon that completed the quest, the player was entered into a contest for a shark mount, up to six entries per player.

The next Ravenwood Roundup will cover more of the content available to Wizard101 F2P players including specifics of the Bazaar and all the fun to be had in the Pet Pavilion.


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