RIFT First Impression Review

When Trion announced their half-birthday promotion last week, offering gamers a free week to try out RIFT, I decide to bite since I’ve been contemplating getting into RIFT for some time anyway.

My initial foray into RIFT was much like any other MMORPG I’ve played before, you select your faction, customize your character and get going. I selected the Defiant faction and decided to select a class I’ve never played before, I usually go for DSP or tanking, but this time I went with the Rogue class.

RIFT starts out in the present where Regulos, the god of Death, has taken over the world of Telara and most of the people left believe it’s the end of the world. My character is brought back to life by some scientist who tells me I have to travel back to the past, before Regulos conquered the world, and it’s up to me to stop him. So after completing a few tutorial quests, I jump through a rift that was created and travel back to the past.

You’re relocated to your factions starting area years before Regulos takes over the world, however because of the time traveling, or so I think, rifts are tearing through from the future into the past opening up portals for monsters to come through.

That’s of course only one part of the main story. The other is the war between the two factions the Guardians and the Defiants, who fight amongst each other for religious reasons. The Guardians, who are the chosen one’s of the Telara’s gods and extremely devoted to them, believe they’re the only ones that can stop Regulos.  While the Defiants have turned their backs on the Telara’s gods, blaming them for everything, and have embraced science and technology instead. This obviously didn’t sit well with the Guardians, which is why they’re at war with each other.

Alright, now that we got the storyline out of the way, lets get to the actual game. Click continue below for the rest of the first impression Rift review.

Currently my rogue is at level 20 and I’ve moved onto the second area of the game past Freemarch into Stonefield, but have to say up until now I’ve been pretty disappointed in the game. Between quests, rifts, Warzones and footholds, I really haven’t seen anything that would separate RIFT from any other MMORPG.

Rifts are basically just “public quests” that Warhammer Online introduced except they’re randomly located. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I loved public quests in WO and think they work great in RIFT, they’re just not new.

Footholds, which are again random locations on the map, are areas where the opposing faction has gained a foothold into your zone and will attack nearby NPC, towns or outposts. I’m not sure if these ever become PvP areas, as up until now I’ve only seen NPCs doing the attacking.

What rifts and footholds add is a sense of a real, living, thriving world. There’s really never a time where you won’t have something to do or somewhere to go, which as a player helps to draw you into the game’s atmosphere.

Then we have quests and Warzones.  So far only one warzone is accessible to me, The Black Garden, which is basically like any other battlefield instance I played before, so again nothing new.

And finally there’s quests. Up until this point I’ve done well over a hundred quests and only enjoyed a handful of them. I’m pretty sick of quest grinding at this point; I don’t want to kill 10 cows or collect 8 flowers or deliver something to someone or help you cousin who’s stuck in a cave. I wasn’t expecting RIFT to not have quests, just better ones.

Just as there’s plenty to do in the world of Telera, there’s plenty to do to build up your character. RIFT allows players to select up to 3 “souls” or skills to really customize your character the way you want.  My main soul is Assassin and I selected Bladedancer and Riftstalker as the two complemetary souls. So far my combo seems to be working pretty well in PvE as I’ve been able to consistantly attack mobs 2-3 levels above me without much effort.  However PvP is another issue as I seem to get my ass kicked consistently, but I think it’s due to the fact I’m playing my rogue as a tank and really haven’t figured out the best way to utilize his skills yet.

There’s also many things to collect in RIFT such as Books and Artifacts, neither of which I’ve figured out the purpose for. So I’m just collecting them for the hell of it right now.  And of course there’s titles and achievements.

While there’s a lot to do, I have to agree with all the RIFT haters who say that RIFT is nothing but a World of Warcraft clone. Up until now, I still haven’t seen anything different enough that would separate if from any other MMORPG I’ve played before.  Keep in mind before you flame me that I’m only at level 20, so that could change, hence why this is a “first impressions” review.

With another free week from Trion, I’ll continue on my journey in Telara and present a second impressions RIFT review sometime there after.


  1. Level 20 and its already like wow. It wont get better or change. REally possiby how can it? And if it did, you have 20 levels of wow flavor in your mouth, why change it?

  2. You turn in the completed books and artifact sets to the collector in your capital for rewards.

    The soul combinations you can play around with makes up for any ‘wow-ishness’. Rifts and Invasions are fun and a great way to break up boring questing. Its just the end game that blows. I gave it way after running T2’s for a month and having NOTHING drop for me – and I was the bloody guild main tank!. I mean, screw that shit. I don’t mind running shit to ‘gear up’ but throw me a fricken bone once in a while!

  3. I haven’t done any group quests, grouping (outside of a few public groups for Rift closing) and haven’t seen any dungeon content. It’s a very solo friendly game. I don’t know if it’s casual friendly, you can definitely solo, but I worry about falling behind the leveling curve and being unable to close Rifts or fend off invasions.

    It was fun the few times I played it.

  4. Rift is and incredibly fun game… I have a few toons up to lvl 20 while I have not seen any raid content or have any toons at max lvl as I am a casual player, I really enjoy it. I do not enjoy the WoW comparisons I agree that it is very wow like and that’s because Blizzard has done a lot of things right when it comes to MMORPG’s so hence the similarities… I play and pay for both games because I enjoy the change… I also drink both Coke and Pepsi… why can’t we enjoy more than one MMORPG this will challenge the dev’s and it will be a win-win for all of us who enjoy a good time sink! Just my thoughts…

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