PAX Prime 2011: The Secret World Demo & Overview

Straight from PAX Prime 2011 is our first report: The Secret World. After hearing about them first at the GDC in San Francisco 2010, we have full coverage here at LoreHound. This year at PAX Prime, Funcom played into the theme of secret societies by having the entire demo behind closed doors, requiring you to wait in line unknowing of what lies behind a thin veil. Afterwards they recruited you by taking a survey, to find where you belong, which you can do here.

For those who haven’t heard what The Secret World is here is the run down of the basics. A darkness has arrived to our world, and is threatening humanity. This threat has called out the secret societies of history to deal with it. Corporeal defeat of long-dormant demons isn’t the only concern, as solving puzzles and problems from our past are twisted into combat-based gameplay.

Set in modern times – from the game to myths, conspiracies, and legends – the secret societies of the Dragon, Templars (Knight’s Templar, such as in National Treasure), and Illuminati (as recently heavily explored in Angels & Demons et. al), what’s not to like? The game has full VO for all of its characters, and full customization that allows you to change your role on the fly – even in an instance.

Funcom promises that The Secret World’s in-game store is purely vanity items, because as such, clothes and aesthetics do not change your stats or affect gameplay. That’s right, you could actually run an instance naked if you chose and you will be as powerful as if you were wearing full plate armor, well… not really.

World PvP is out there, and it’s among the three factions, who are only brought together to fight a common enemy: the coming darkness. After they eliminate threats “all gloves come off” as they secretly fight behind the scenes of the known world for global influence. Plans of full Facebook integration, sees Funcom helping you to spread your influence throughout the world (literally!). These pre-launch activities on Facebook enabled players to unlock in-game items and bonuses, and faction-specific bonuses.

With the niche genre of conspiracies, and myths, along with its APB-ish art style and design, it is a large candidate for stealing away many a gamers’ time. The Secret World seems to contain the right amount of mysticism and fear factor thrill of the real world vs. a game universe. We’ll see how it pans out in spring 2012.

An in-depth interview is coming soon. Without further adieu, the behind-closed-doors exclusive demo directly from PAX Prime 2011:


  1. Might be worth keeping an eye at :)
    Will definitely choose the faction that’s closest to me geographically, Templars.. :P

  2. I took the test twice (the one linked above is different than the one at PAX) and both times I got Dragon. So I think I’m pretty sure who I belong to.

  3. @Twong

    Are you referring to that “monk” in The Da Vinci Code? That wasn’t Illuminati, that was a Catholic “monk”, so more along the lines of Templars.

  4. I am not going to lie. I thought the Secret World was a free MMO that was developed by the company that bought out Star Trek Online( Cryptic?) and not an actual “real” MMO.

    That game actually looks like it could be fun, depending on price and sub I might give it a go.

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