Rift Goes Free-to-Play With Rift Lite

Been holding out on giving Rift a try in the hopes it’ll go free to play? Now’s the time! TrionWorlds  has finally taken a first step toward the free-to-play dream – now you can play the first 20 levels for free! There’s no time limit, and no credit card required, all you need is the download and a Trion account. Rift Lite is available for anyone, whether you’ve previously played the game or not.

I’ve never been a fan of the timed game trials and demos, so I’m glad to see more trials that are limited by level rather than time.  It’s a better deal than a 3 day trial, that’s for sure. I may even give it a try, to see how the game has changed since closed beta. I wonder if this means we’ll eventually see a full free-to-play Rift?

What do you think is Rift‘s future?

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  1. I’m downloading the client now.

    Any mmo developer these days who doesn’t plan on their mmo being f2p at some point is making a mistake. Even if you plan on a subscription model, having the hooks already in place to transition to f2p makes more sense than trying to tack them on later.

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