Rift Lore: Chronicles of the Mathosian Civil War


Curious about the intricacies and impact of the Mathosian civil war, an event that ravaged Telara and shaped the history of both Rift factions?

Trion Worlds has unloaded new lore surrounding the Mathosian civil war, including excerpts from the war journal of Aedraxis Mathos who battled his brother Zareph for the royal throne. Aedraxis reveals his scorn and dabblings in dark magic before eventually turning into an undead king.

Head past the cut for screenshots of the bloody civil war, and take a peek at the High Elven leader Shyla Starhearth who turned away from her lover to help Telara in its time of need.

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The unspeakable sorcery of Aedraxis was potent enough to kill many of Zareph’s followers, including Shyla Starhearth, grand lady of the High Elves. Her death allowed her to become one of the first ascended Guardians, but not without a price: Shyla had to turn her back on Prince Hylas who did not believe in meddling with the Mathosian civil war. Shyla, as seen in the pics below, now resides in the Guardian capital of Sanctum and acts as the priestess of the Vigil, the five gods who created Telara.

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If you’ve got the time for some leisurely reading while waiting for Rift beta 6, then leaf through the war journal of Aedraxis and the full recounting of Shyla’s botched love affair.

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  1. I feel like the whole undead king thing has been …done before…

    With that said, I still think Trion is putting together some solid lore for us to play on. Tomorrow at 10am: coffee, bagel, headphones, Rift!

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