Rift Now In Your Pocket With Rift Mobile: Free

Trion Worlds and Rift have been rolling lately, with one community win after another. Just days ago we found out that Rift will be permanently free for the first 20 levels, with all of the content available to players for as long as they want to stay in the range; Trion is backing up that wave of positive momentum with an extension of Telara. Players can now communicate, and even secure loot, while miles away from a computer.

Available for iOS and Android now, the Rift Mobile: Free app enables a gateway to Telara that’s more than a simple distraction.

  • Earn in-game loot – Win real loot on-the-go with Lootables. Artifacts, crafting items, and planar treasure shoot straight to your character’s mailbox!
  • Chat with friends and guildmates – Send messages from your phone into the game, or plan your adventures mobile-to-mobile. Push notifications help your friends call you back to Telara.
  • Guild chat support – Guild and officer chat run smoothly on your mobile device, so you never miss a big decision.
  • Guild MOTD and Guild Wall – View your Guild Wall and Message of the Day at home, on the bus, or (stealthily) at school or work.
  • Zone Event notification – Hear the call when Zone Events erupt on your shard, and pick your battles with flexible alert settings.

Now it’s going to be even more difficult to step away from the game and ignore your guild master! The “battery died” will be the new “Internet died.”.