World of Warcraft Loses 100k Subscribers

Activision Blizzard released its fourth quarter earnings report today, and while it was another record breaking quarter for the gaming company, it also revealed the latest World of Warcraft subscription numbers. As of 12/31/11, World of Warcraft has 10.2 million subscribers, down 100k since their last report on Nov 8th.

That puts their grand total for 2011 at 1.8 million lost subscribers.

Q1 2011 – 600,000 subscribers lost
Q2 2011 – 300,000 subscribers lost
Q3 2011 – 800,000 subscribers lost
Q4 2011 – 100,000 subscribers lost

While another reported loss is obviously not good, it does seem that WoW is starting to plateau as a 100k loss is a far cry from the 800k loss in the third quarter. This suggests that WoW does have more staying power than has been predicted around the blog-o-sphere.


  1. That’s really not too bad considering everything. Be interesting to hear the Q1 stats since that will include those that left for SWTOR.

  2. Let’s not forget the perspective here. WoW came out in 2004. Staying this strong, this long with only minor tech upgrades to the system requirements is quite impressive. Is WoW going to pop back over the 11-12 million mark, I doubt it, but it’s still holding in the face of stiff competition half a decade later.

    That’s more than a console cycle, I might add.

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